Since March 1, 2004, Curacao (situated in the southern Caribbean Sea, autonomous country within Kingdom of the Netherlands) may grant regular licenses for interactive game in accordance with the "National Ordinance Offshore Games of Hazard" which literally means “national decree for the regulation of gambling games”.

Until October 1, 2010, Curacao was one of the territories of the Netherlands Antilles which ceased to exist as a territorial unity.

There are two ways for obtaining a license for Sportsbooks (websites where bets are made on every kind of sport) and online casinos:

  • a) apply for a gaming license released by the government. In this case, the request must be filed with the Department of Justice. The licensees pay a fee of 10,000 (ANG) per month for the first two years. After these first two years, a new license fee can be fixed.
  • b) obtain a sub-license for gambling games’ management from the Netherlands Antilles.

This means that a number of companies can divide their activities and then let their current licenses be used by gambling associate companies. subsidiaries

There are several parts willing to grant a sub-license under their own government authorization. The cost of a sub-license varies between USD 2,000 and USD 4,000.

Both modalities require that the company is registered in Curacao and has a local administrator.

The island territory where the owner of a license lives has the right to ask him a contribution of up to 2% of net profits from the interactive gambling.

The Role of PricewaterhouseCoopers

"PricewaterhouseCoopers", which has contacts with various trust companies that are willing to act as managing director, plays a fundamental role, too.

PricewaterhouseCoopers can provide assistance to companies interested in establishing a basic system of gambling online in Curaçao. The services include:PricewaterhouseCoopers can provide assistance to companies interested in establishing a basic system of gambling online in Curaçao. The services include:

  • assistance during sub-license supplier’s selection
  • application for the inclusion in e-zone
  • net profit for tax purposes
  • tax consultancy on the physical structure more suitable for the activity.

Taxation (e-zone status)

In March 2001 the National Decree on the creation of economic zones (e-zone)

This law facilitates e-commerce companies by applying a tax rate of 2% on net profits.

In order to benefit from the current tax rate of 2% in the e-zone a request to the competent authorities must be submitted.

Representation of the Online Gaming Company in Curacao

On September 26, 2002, the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (Association for the online Games in Curacao) announces the Representation of the Online Gaming Company in Curacao.

It is a direct expression of the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) aimed at:

  • providing a forum where interested parties can address their problems and advance the common interests of its members as part of the global online gambling;
  • establishing guidelines and fair and responsible corporate practices, increasing consumer confidence in products and services provided by the interactive game platform based in Curacao
  • becoming a reference point for consultation (by the Curacao Internet Gaming Association) on legislation regarding off-shore gambling causes and their effects on CIGA members in Curacao, so that they are internationally competitive in this global industry.
  • improving, planning and protecting the Curacao’s image and reputation as a safe place to do business

Decentralization in regulation of gambling

In August 10, 2002, Curacao Gaming Control Board has asked the Netherlands Antilles’ central government to decentralize the island’s laws as far as concerns the field of online gambling.

Cyberluck Curacao is the only original supplier of the Master License, or rather, the permission to operate and provide Internet connectivity within the government of the telecommunication international centre since 1996.

Cyberluck is authorized by the Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles to release gambling licenses after a series of deep investigations. Those who have been operating under permission since 1996 have certain advantages that today cannot be longer granted to current licenses.

Cyberluck is also the only authorized distributor of the Caribbean CyberGuard intrusion hardware , and offers discounts on Dell, Compaq, IBM and Hewlett Packard hardware.


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