B3W Group is a brand known for being one of the first one to introduce online gambling in flash based version, that is, without downloading any application. The license of B3W Group is registered at the gaming jurisdiction of Malta. B3W philosophy is having an integrated service, which brings together all partners involved in a single platform.

The specialist of online game has no limits: games and lotteries, instruments of online casinos management and assistance in all phases: front and back-office, e-commerce, security applications, hosting, customers service and technical support operations, advertising and marketing. Nothing is missing in the proposed packages;they contain from design of white-label architectures to administrative and financial management.

Macromedia Flash technology provides speed and fluidity of game also on connections not very performing.

Founded in 1998, B3W Group in nearly fifteen years of history has become an important name among the companies that offer packages of turnkey services for online gaming industry. These are platforms for online casinos and poker rooms, endowed with a series of instruments and useful services to start and manage an online gaming activity according to your needs and business opportunities.

In the middle of 2011, B3W Group has announced the launch of their new network of online pokers with the casino signature before to be Casino Yachting. The platform is available for the other B3W partners. Some of poker games that you can find are Texas Hold 'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo, Stud and Stud Hi / Lo, Tournaments and Freerolls.

Trailer B3W Group

Software Features

The B3W Casino suite is a versatile package (it works also in the flash via browser version), and it is customizable by each operator. Thanks to convenient multilingual features, each suite can be localized according to the needs of the target market, especially with for payments. Every software product comes with its dynamic back-office application, that allowing you to manage tasks such as customers assistance in registration transactions, payment methods and instruments of promotion.


The experience in B3W Group software developing is based on:

  • more than 150 different casino games;
  • a wide range of genres for each suite;
  • a rich gaming experience, with cared audio and video;
  • new releases with a regular rhythm;

B3W Casino is a package that consists of 6 different suites of play:

  • Card and board games;
  • Progressive Jackpots;
  • Scratch Cards;
  • Video pokers;
  • Classic slot machines;
  • Multi-line video slot;


In creating the platform of B3W Poker, some aspects such as security, customization and player experience that each customer has in mind have been empathized. The flexibility of the platform allows the integration of new affiliates and each offered game meets the particular needs of betting and extended planning of takings.

The platform of B3W Poker games consists of:

  • Texas Hold'em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha Hi / Lo
  • Stallone
  • Stud Hi / Lo

The software offers multi table functions and it also has a lot of integrated instruments. Tables and Poker B3W bonus system, are completely customizable and they offer a wide range of types of bonuses and possibilities of management: the system B3W Back Office Poker system is designed to give customers information they need to grow their business.

The Affiliate Marketing

The Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising in which affiliates promotes a site or a service and they are paid for each conversion that generate as agreed with the owner. This is a very effective and safe form for acquiring new customers and the B3W platform is already designed for affiliation.

The B3W software of affiliation has the following characteristics:

  • Assignment of an affiliate account for the control of management;
  • Role-based access;
  • Detailed database of research;
  • Detailed reports in real time;
  • Creative marketing instruments;
  • Formulation of affiliation;
  • Integrated System of book-keeping;

The B3W White Label Solution

The B3W White Label Solution is a convenient method to create and manage a website: the customer becomes a sub-licensee of the B3W Group and it takes a commission on the monthly generated profits. The database of players is managed by the B3W Group which also provides the platform of software license and a lot of other operational services.

Safety and protection of players

Security is vital for the B3W Group. Standards, developed in collaboration with the leader specialists in the field of online security, were established to protect players: the latest technology, systems of cryptography and multiple firewalls.

B3W Group puts into practise a series of measures to protect sensitive data and information of players while they are playing. Regularity of software systems at the base of the integrity of games is certified with a Random Number Generator – RNG that is completely tested by the LGA (Lotteries and Gaming Authority) of Malta.

Several software features have been developed to help detecting, preventing and protecting against and by collusion or chip dumping, which can be attempted at the tables.

Services are available for authorized operators and partners that adhere to the B3W White Label package and consist of:

  • Player of management;
  • Payment Processing;
  • Ses and customers service;
  • Marketing instruments;

These tools are added to the Back Office through which you manage instruments of analysis for each player, purchases, withdrawals, game performances, bonuses, promotions.

Payment systems

With the major circuits of payment by credit cards, B3W Group integrates electronic wallets that can manage multiple currencies. Each transaction is carefully monitored to prevent any fraudulent act. Customers service and satisfaction are put in the first place, and all affiliates are followed in this direction. Thanks to a well-trained team of multilingual professionals, every problem can be solved and marketing campaigns based on needs of each customer can be ‘localized. The fundamental idea of the B3W Group integrated system is providing all the necessary instruments of online marketing in order to help clients who want to achieve their management objectives, including affiliate software.