CIDC, acronym of Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation, is a society of softwares and services for online gaming based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (US). Behind CIDC’s work there is the famous Everest Gaming suite, popular in more than 200 countries all over the world and used daily by millions of people.CIDC is a society controlled by GigaMedia, a multinational community dealing with broadband connectivity and entertainment based in Taipei, Taiwan.

The formula is to provide a platform of complete game services, a “kit” through which the licensee can start his business, managing to benefit from CIDC’s skills and infrastructures. The experience of this brand lies on the following fundamental values: product and service quality, transparency and equity in game development operations.


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Web-site official software Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation disappeared

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CIDC’s technology

The aces in the hole of Cambridge Interactive Development Corp. are the products for multi-player gaming, localized according to the operators’ needs, the applications for social networking, the affiliation and web development-oriented vertical portals. Just take, for example, Everest Poker and Everest Casino, whose development and marketing infrastructure have been designed with CIDC software, just to understand what we are talking about.

CIDC’s cutting-edge technology lies on three main pillars: reliability, handiness and availability. This is performed within a flexible and open-minded working environment, where applications and third-part services (email, chat and reporting) freely integrate each other.

Software review

Software Client Casino provided by CIDC runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP machines and will allow you to organize your own online gaming platform amazingly. You will start by adding individual game modules, having many configuration options available. Security options management, 3D graphics, realistic audio, completely configurable recording and access mode. Payment methods’ easy management, over 100 casino games available, with user interfaces in 16 languages. This universal game platform is just based on the scalability and modularity and aims to oversee the end-user’s experience at best. From game chips’ exchange, to the stakes, even to the bonuses’ management: everything must work simply and clearly.

Behind the package there’s a Unix back-end software infrastructure used to control its gaming servers, its financial aspect, its management and everything else about e-commerce. It includes central database control, with direct access to all the instruments to avoid money and sensible data theft, supporting programs for the users and monitoring of the current activities and partnerships.

Complete, flexible and extensible, the universal gaming platform can be used to support any kind of online gaming, assuring an amusing and stimulating gaming experience.


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