CTXM is a company that is located in Great Britain and Luxembourg and it is turned towards those who are looking for a complete service related to software for online casino.

CTXM's mission is supplying a competitive advantage to the companies that operate online, through the push for the innovation, efficiency and constant orientation to the business development. Software and solutions for iGaiming are sold in a "one stop shop" procedure: you must purchase a simple application, but also all-inclusive packages, integration and management of a complete platform with a wide range of gaming services .

It offers a range of flexible solutions that are integrated in a single platform and products and services for:

  • management of maintenance software, licensing, hosting;
  • network management and software support for iGaming;
  • Software integration of online casinos on existing sites;
  • IT consulting and development for specific platforms;
  • 'white label' solutions for online gambling operators;

The software has closed

The official website redirects to the company GamesOS

What are the guarantees that CTXM offers? Seven years of experience in the field of iGaming, but also the development of very safe payment protocols through its platform for online money transactions, that are certified by the British Financial Services Authority (FSA).

CTXM provides computer systems that are developed in accordance with high standards of safety and well-located, but also a centre of services that includes advanced instruments for reporting and management of insurance, banking and gaming.

XCasino - One Stop Shop Online

Slot machines, fixed share betting, video poker, scratch cards and a lot of other things in a single package for online casino. But it is not all. XCasino helps you to speed your operations, arriving to implement quickly and efficiently also applications of third party on your platform. In this way, you will not have to waste time and you can efficiently manage your business with a single users database.

You will have a single point through which all transactions pass from and to your platform. Everything is governed by procedures of integration with partners that are standardized and safe now (XBase Integration Platform), which allow you to be operative with your online multi-brands company in less than two weeks since your request. Incredibly fast with the approval of people who hate bureaucracy and waits.

At integrated level, XCasino is also able to offer a series of back-office services. Advertising and targeted campaigns of marketing that also are synchronized with the appointments of the holiday calendar, such as tournaments, bonuses, discounts and mega jackpots. All activities can be monitored, from the cost for advertising to the visibility and reputation online, thanks to reporting instruments that are included in the package.

The organizational model of XCasino

What we talked about earlier, that is the exponential growth of your business through the XCasino platform, is also achieved through the ability to launch and manage a network in franchising. You can enhance and extend your brand by managing a network of affiliates around the world, thanks to a single platform that is multilingual and multi-currency. The launch of your network will be followed step by step by XCasino staff, which will guide you to the use of a complete back-end system, with marketing instruments and customizable reports.

The person who must manage multiple portals on different markets, will use XBase platform to process data with a server of elaboration for scalable architecture that is capable of supporting more than 1,000 users simultaneously. XBase Top instruments allow you to grow your business, integrating easily new members and being able to manage comfortably the launch of new games.

Capabilities of Merchant multi-platform

Franchising is a chance for those who have invested in their brand and are aware of the potentiality of proliferation of their product, to seize an opportunity at a low cost with a high efficiency. Permissions of use of your software platform will be issued under sub-license to your charged affiliates that represent your brand and you will earn a percentage on their profits. Casino, poker, sports betting, will lead not only your logo, but also all changes and customizations that you had made with CTXM.

CTXM White Label Casino: advantages of an open solution for your gaming activities

Today we often hear to talk about 'WhiteLabel solutions, that is structured but open brand systems of business: it is possible to invest and appropriate them. For people who need to make a fast and simple investment, this is a fast solution at a low cost.

The CTXM package of white label casinos has a balanced mix of about 100 games to choose (slot machines, video pokers, Bingo, etc.). There are a lot of customizable parameters: interfaces and skins, game modes, bonuses and of course third party apps that are added through integrated platform of API.

Among the services of White Label Package, there are also the important process of requesting and maintaining of licenses, hosting, and network management and instruments for users support. There is a series of procedures and costs that would account deeply in budgets of those who 'make it themselves.

CTXM mobile casino: gambling travels on mobile

A specific platform that works on operating system such as Apple iPhone iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Blackberry couldnt be absent. Also the game on portable devices is handled with the same instruments of back-end for PC and this thing gives you the ability to configure mobile marketing campaigns using the same instruments. The client for smart-phones and tablets runs on Lobby Mobile and it offers an interesting gaming experience: there are classic titles, readapted ones and title which are specially designed to exploit powerful capabilities of mobile devices.