As far as live casino software goes, there are those companies which have just started out within the past few years, and there are those which have been offering up such services for a considerable amount of time now. Global Gaming Labs fall clearly into the latter category, having started out in the year of 2002 and basing itself out of San Jose, Costa Rica. It's clear that longevity is on their side as far as live dealer services are concerned, but they're still creating their products with one clear goal in mind – to be the best software provider in the industry. In fact, not only do they wish to be at such a level, but they've already been an innovative company in the sector, presenting the world with the first ever full screen, high definition, dual cameras on Roulette.

Despite how comparatively small this company is when compared with other live casino software companies, such as Netent or Evolution, it does offer a strong focus on the area, meaning that they're not weighed down with providing a variety of other games as well as the live dealer options. This has helped them to hone their craft, and they've certainly developed it to be something special. It's not only their offices which are based in Costa Rica either, as their casino studios are also located there, which were designed and built from scratch, incorporating custom branded carpets, tables, cards and walls, amongst other things. The company claims to have been successful due to the fact that their live casino options have proven to attract new customers to online platforms, increase conversion rates of such, increase affiliate promotion, and increase profitability.

Trailer Global Gaming Labs

What Products does Global Gaming Labs actually provide ?

The integrated live dealer software which is provided by this company has been developed using only the best state-of-the-art technology, and it's very clear from the offset that they've continued developing and developing throughout the years to provide only the best in streaming games services. At the moment, the developer's software is available in both instant play or Flash modes, and is able to be easily converted into a mobile gaming format, should they wish to do so in the future. As of the moment, there are six different table games being offered by Global Gaming, all of which provide high quality and intriguing game play. The lobby will provide you with the six different games available down the left hand side, and each game has the option of multiple stake levels, providing you with the chance to select your limits before joining a table.

Live blackjack is the first option on offer, and you're able to see the number of free seats at the table from the lobby area for this game. It's offered as an eight deck game, and no burn cards are discarded after shuffling or before each hand. The dealer will take one card on the deal, thereby sticking to European rules, and seven seats are available at the table, with one seat per person. Splits are allowed on any cards forming a pair, and split Aces only receive a single additional card. Furthermore, doubles are allowed on splits and any other hand value, and players also have the chance to Surrender once the first two cards have been dealt.

There's also an alternate version of the above game, known as Blackjack Unlimited. This is also an eight deck game, and has just about the same rules as what has just been discussed. However, there are only five playing positions in this version, and a player can play as many of the positions as he likes. This allows an unlimited number of players to play in the same way. Regardless of what the other players do, the outcome of each hand is determined by the actions of you as a player, rather than the decisions made by everyone else.

Live Baccarat is also offered, which is also played with eight decks at a red-topped table. It follows the standard rules of Baccarat, and three side bets are able to be placed at the start of each different hand. These exist in the forms of 'Player Pair', 'Banker Pair' and 'Any Pair', which relate to if the player, the dealer or both draw a pair. You're also able to see what has happened in previous games, allowing you to follow trends and hand values.

Both European and American Roulette are offered via Global Gaming Labs' software, meaning that you can play with either a single zero on the wheel, or both the single zero and the double zero. While they're both multi-player games, you don't get to see the wagers placed by other competitors. These are both available with the double camera options, with the second one being displayed above the roulette wheels. The other main different between the two versions of roulette are that French bets cannot be made as part of the American version.

And finally, Live Casino Hold'Em is also offered, which is played with a single deck that is shuffled between each hand by the dealer.

What are the benefits of GGL games?

Simply put, if you're playing games offered up by this developer, you'll be accessing some very high quality products. The streaming is clean and clear, the dealers are very adept at their jobs, even if they do sometimes appear to be a little bit glum while doing so. However, despite that, they speak very clearly and are able to be chatted to easily in one or two of the products.