With its headquarter in Massachusetts (United States), Grand Virtual is a multilingual gambling platform founded in 1997. During these years the technology has been often refined, improved and expanded in order to maintain its high position in the global market.

Every section is specifically designed for online gambling and integrated in an operative platform that offers entertainment for players and the highest performances for operators of multi–player games and online casinos.

The Grand Virtual server is extremely extensible, easily allowing new entries of any kind of gambling game.

In all the lobbies using Grand Virtual software there is the seal "Online Gaming Alliance™ (OGA)", in order to assure that all these sites are offering fair play game platforms, safe and reliable for all the players.

In case of complaints or problems, players can report it directly to the OGA, which will provide immediately a deep check using all its available resources.


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Software Review

Grand Virtual software can be divided into three main components:

  • Universal Gaming Platform ( Universal gambling games platform )
    The back–end software, Unix–based, provides to the game server all the functions, a score manager, an administrator of the capital deposited, a commerce engine, a central database and an extensive set of tools for fraud control. Complete, flexible and extensible, the universal game platform can be used to support any form of online gambling, including casinos, poker rooms, skill games, multi–player environments, lotteries and much more.
  • Casino Client Software
    This client runs on Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP operating system and has a realistic 3D graphics game, simulating and representing the classic land based casino. It offers different methods of payment, hundreds of popular multimedia casino games accompanied by realistic sound effects. Intuitive access to transactions (for registered players) and Internet communications are private and safe. All these aspects have been designed in order to be easy and simple to use for beginners and professional players.
  • Multi–Player Poker Software
    It is the first multilingual poker in the world, with realistic gaming tables and the possibility, for the player, to select its own avatar. An interactive step–by–step tutorial for poker, both for individuals and multiple tournaments, a complete end–to–end translation of all the contents, games commands and related interfaces available in a dozen languages in order to serve markets around the world. An integrated multilingual eCommerce system, which makes transaction processing easier.

Variety of games offered

Grand Virtual Casino software includes over 240 interactive games with 3D graphics, including traditional as well as exclusive games that no other software company has ever developed, such as the popular Atlantis Slots or Bollywood Indian Slots.

All these games are translated in order to be played in more than a dozen markets and the inventory continues to grow under the special development initiatives designed to offer licensees with at least one new game per month.


  • Grand Virtual
  • 100 Cambridge Park Drive
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
  • Stati Uniti
  • Phone: (617) 547-6323
  • Website: http://www.grandvirtual.com