Boss Media AB is a company dealing with software development and management and online digital gaming systems. Founded in 1996, its first goal was the launch of Gold Club Casino which opened the following year. The success of Gold Club Casino was so big that many companies and investors contacted Boss Media to request its services, so that the company decided to devote himself to everything regarding creation, management and development of online casinos. Boss Media was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange from 1999 to 2008, when it was purchased by the GEMed company.

Trailer Boss Media

Boss Media history

Soon after its foundation, Boss Media decided to devote himself to all the services related to interactive online game. The company's mission is to meet every customers needs, bringing out innovative ideas concerning not only online casino, but also all other gambling services such as poker, lotteries and Bingo. in 2004 Boss Media sold its own online casino just to focus only on the issues requested by customers. Nowadays, Boss Media takes care of game players policies and platforms of very important and well-known operators such as Bwin and Sportingbet.

In 2007, Boss Media, in collaboration with St Minerva Ltd, launched Yahoo! Poker, thanks to the international Poker Network management (gaming platform utilized by more than 30 poker rooms) and Yahoo! UKs collaboration. The international Poker Network supports different languages, from English to italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Russian, French and German, and accepts various currencies such as euros, dollars, pounds and Turkish lira.

In 2008, Boss Media acquired Dynamite idea, a company founded in 1995 that has always worked on graphics and web design. Since this buyout, the core business of Dynamite idea has moved on development and troubleshooting of graphic design for various gaming platforms.

Boss Media and GTECH

As previously mentioned, Boss Media was bought in 2008 by GEMed, which owns the GTECH trademark. GTECH G2 is the interactive division of the company, which belongs to Lottomatica group.

GTECH G2 has its own team of developers, Game Studio, made up of experts able to work on original content and make products a little more experimental and innovative, in order to make them competitive. Game Studio is centre of excellence for the interactive games creation and it gathers talents from every sector of society. This is a very experienced group used to working on different levels, themes and target markets.

Like every other GTECH G2 sector, Game Studio is oriented to the player: new ideas come mainly from the research about players needs and trends.

In the GTECH G2 context, Boss Media has become part of a real international gaming colossus, also adding an e-commerce not experimented before. GTECH G2 takes care of all digital gaming and sports betting markets aspects, so that the customer can monitor everything of its product, from A to Z.

Range of games offered

As for companies interested in collaborations, products handled are Poker Management, Bingo Management, Sport Management plus two networks: the 'international Poker Network' and the 'international Bingo Network'.

in terms of online casinos, Boss Media has a very wide offer of games. Well find baccarat, blackjack, casino war, crap game, keno, pai gow poker, roulette, sic bo, many online slot machines and video poker. There are several online casinos which use Boss Media software, including William Hill, Bwin, Sportingbet, Virgin Poker and Celeb Poker. The Boss Media gaming software ensures high quality standards, with unmatched security guarantee: none of the online casino with Boss Media software has ever reported any kind of problem.

Risk and Fraud

GTECH G2 is proud to work with the highest standards of social and gambling responsibility. The collaborative relationship with many of the major lottery operators in the field provides a high-level skill.

The team is able to identify collusion at poker tables, chip dumping and other fraudulent practices. Obviously GTECH G2 strictly follows ethical principles established by the Gamecare, leading association in players' defence.