Hubdub was launched in January of 2008, and began life as a web-based prediction market, in which players used virtual money to trade predictions on future events. Over time, users were able to build up a portfolio of live predictions across their chosen categories of interest, which included such things as politics, sports, entertainment and technology, amongst others.

It would be in July of 2009 that the team behind Hubdub would launch FanDuel, a premium fantasy sports game. On April 14 of 2010, Hubdub announced the closure of its prediction market website, and the company started focusing its efforts solely on FanDuel.

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FanDuel Features

FanDuel offers up one-day fantasy sports for real money. You're able to play when you want, so there's no season-long commitment to deal with. You can choose your team in minutes with the platform's salary cap format. There's momre than 20,000 leagues to choose from every day, ultimately meaning there's more options and consequently, more winners.

Joining the platform requires just a simple filling out of a form, with details of your name, email address and a chosen username and password. It's really that simple, and after this, you can begin building your fantasy teams.

Bonuses and Promotions

Once you've made your registration on the FanDuel platform, you'll be able to make your first deposit. On top of this, you'll be provided with a welcome bonus. This will be earned gradually after you enter and complete paid contests. As you play and earn the bonus, the cash you earn is released automatically into your account and can be seen in your account balance. Your remaining deposit bonus available to be earned can then be seen in your account menu as 'Pending Bonus'.

FanDuel then provides many other promotions and tournaments for players to take advantage of, including sport-specific options like the World Fantasy Football Championship, the Playboy College Football Championship, the $1 Million NFL Bracket and the NFL Survivor competition.

The platform also offers up FanDuel Points (FDP), which is its version of a loyalty program. You'll earn FDP every time you enter a real money game, and you'll be rewarded with entries to freerolls every month.

Fantasy League Play

FanDuel can be considered quite different to many other fantasy sports platforms, in the sense that the games last for either a single day, or one week. All you need to do is choose the contest you're interested in entering from the lobby, or, create your own to play games against your registered friends. Then, choose the entry fee and prize, or if you prefer, you can opt for a free practice contest. Once you've selected your preferred contest, you'll basically need to select your players and stay under the salary cap. Once the games begin, your players will accumulate points based on how well they perform. If your team gains more points than your opponents on that day or weekend, you'll instantly be a winner.


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