Smart Gaming Group with Smart Casino Live and Smart Gaming Live is a company authorized and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and by the Lotteries &Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta according to laws of Malta and of the European Union. This platform, based in London and counting over 100 employees around the world, has become known in the live dealers segment game and the quality of its TV broadcasts was approved by UFCOM and it is already broadcasted by SKY TV.

Thanks to a very wide product portfolio built on a scalable platform, the software SGG is available on three different channels: Internet, TV (television) and shops (through special terminals). There are some different casino games, software for betting management and a wide range of user interfaces, along with many other products and services are available in 'turnkey'. In the live dealer terms, the most popular names of Smart Gaming Group are: live roulette, live Baccarat and Blackjack, all available in English, Spanish and Greek, coming soon also in Italian, German, Dutch, French and Romanian.

Trailer Smart Gaming Group

Software Features

For shops and concerned premises, Smart Gaming Group offers a complete package called Smartout. This is a service that is completely flexible and adaptable to user needs: from branding operations to the creations of events and advertising campaigns. SGG strength lies in its ability to attract and retain users by enabling the internal platform of mailing lists and social messages that inform about game events and special promotions.

The package includes SmartBets for betting management, mini-casino games and, of course, virtual live dealer game experience. Each solution is calibrated on the power of the network bandwidth of the customer and it is adjusted in order to enable the greatest possible ease of use. The key words are just three:

  • ‘simple, to configure and use for those who invest money;;
  • ‘economic, without the risk of opening a real casino and everything that concerns the licenses achievement;
  • ‘secure, because it allows players to play anonymously and with a certified software;

Taking into account the confidence to rely on a single platform, SGG also offers comprehensive instruments for business intelligence, namely reporting and game data and collections analysis. This activity is fundamental to improve its efficiency by monitoring performances of your casino in real time. The application is scalable, it allows the creation of various additional 'business accounts' and different virtual graphics within each “business account”. Specifically, the SmartOut application consists of three modules:

  • 'Business Admin' model: to create and manage your virtual environment of live casinos and monitor overall financial performances. Hence, you can create ‘virtual shops, you can plan deposit limits and keep track of transactions in real time, including individual deposits, bets and winnings;
  • 'Shop Admin' model: it is a manager application useful to manage your store. Here you can see specifically the total transactions of your store;
  • 'User Play' model: this application allows customers to place bets on all our range of live casinos products. This module is loaded at every session of the customer who connects from a terminal;

Range of products

Multi-Player Casino Live Platform
The passion for innovation and the need to provide an addictive gaming platform have induced Smart Gaming Group to create four live games for the Live Multi-Player Casino platform: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Autoroulette. These games can be branded and managed with the best flexibility, 24/7.

Smart TV Broadcasting
The interactive television includes game social elements and it is easily and safely accessible. The SGG team will be devoted to the complete interface localization and to the branding of the television channel, managed by Smart BackOffice.

Smart BackOffice
This full package allows real-time monitoring of player activity, limits and bonus.

Piattaforma SmartOut Shop
To install Smart Gaming Group applications on your virtual casino, you'll use the Business Admin Module. To manage limits and set bonus options for each game you will have the Shop Admin Module available, while through the User Play Module you will optimize the live casino experience of your customers by controlling croupiers.

Range of games

Smart Gaming Groups philosophy is fundamental in the live dealer experience offered to players:

  • Cards and real chips
  • Professional croupiers
  • Good level of interaction with the other players

These are the live games available:

  • Live Roulette - Live Roulette is the TV experience of casinos, with special shots to guide the player into the virtual casino. The picture-in-picture mode offers a special top-down view of the wheel that turns, keeping an eye on players and croupiers. In order to bet, you can go directly into the live video window, where you can also exchange chat messages.
  • Live Blackjack - Among the games offered by the SGG, the live Blackjack platform is the most versatile. It is a scalable multi-player product, in which players, in full screen, have the actions history and they are able to use any strategy, with full freedom of play.
  • Live Baccarat - The classic baccarat with live croupiers where you can play by placing a bet on the table directly. The game experience is enriched by the presence of additional statistics and graphs on your performances and your competitors ones. The result is a clear gaming system, an engaging and exciting experience that has already caught the attention of many users.
  • Auto Roulette - It is similar to the live roulette, though it is slightly different because it works thanks to a compressed air system. Different types of wheels are available, with a complete chip limits range.